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Meet the Luchadores!

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    The Dad

    Papa is a good-hearted fellow who will always face his problems with kind words and quick thinking. When he gets in the ring, he becomes the greatest fighter the Americas have ever known!

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    The Mom

    Mama is an amazing cook, but an even better fighter. She's a sweet woman who teaches her children to be respectful and mind other's feelings. Fighting is for the ring! And boy, when Mama gets in the ring, she can take down any male wrestler.

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    The Boy

    A 6 year old with the book smarts of an adult, this Luchador is the shrimp of his class. He sees the world in numbers and is always game for an intelligent conversation. In the ring, he's quick, agile, and fights with strategy.

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    The Girl

    A 3 year old with an attitude, this little Luchador is overflowing with spunk. She loves animals and has a knack for science. Energetic as can be, this little one will spout out vocabulary words like no other.

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    The Grandmother

    Abuelita is the most beloved, kind-hearted, soft-spoken granny that ever graced a family. But don't get her too riled up! Abuelita Luchador is the most feared and adored wrestler in the entire world! Don't let that cane fool you, when she gets in the ring, Abuelita can hold her own!

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    The Dog

    Chuy the Chihuahua is a perky, barking mess — just like any other chihuahua. He always seems afraid of the bigger dog, bird, or lizard, but when he needs to protect his loving family, he's the greatest puppy wrestler of all time!